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Oxford, Ohio  

Then and Now

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Many graduates went on to excel in other careers.
Here are four exceptional MUB broadcasting successes.

Doc Emrick
Mary Muzina
Ted Patterson
Rick Ludwin
MUB on YouTube Studio 14 cuts, Reunion Taping Session
WMUB Farewell Final hours, February 28, 2009
  by Greg Lynch
Reunion Dinner 2007 More photos, sounds, and short videos. 
A Christmas Carol   WMUB 1970 Radio Drama
Newspoint As the world changed, MUB was involved.
WMUB  in 1969 MUB in those thrilling days of yesteryear.


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WMUB's 50th Anniversary was in June of 2000.

Left:  Rick Ludwin, Ray Smith, Rick Sellers, Janis R. Golon, Chris Collins, and our guru, William L. Utter. 
Right:  Jade and Ray Smith, Sallie Ervin, Bill Utter.

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The Campus

 (The Beta Bells still work.)


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The Village (or City)  of Oxford, Ohio, 45056




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