The Reunion, 2007


     MUB Alumni returned to their old stomping grounds to find that while some things were the same, others were scarcely recognizable.  

     The day began with an impromptu walking tour of the campus, then a taping session in the renovated WMUB studios.

     Finally, a dinner with Prof. Emeritus Bill Utter as the guest of honor.   



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bill2.jpg (170324 bytes) Bill Utter addresses former students at his honorary dinner.
IMG_1056.jpg (79939 bytes) Mike Emerick reincarnates Dr. Harry Williams  

to introduce Bill Utter



Short movies Table Sweep   Schmooze Pan



Tom Collins' Pics


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Photos below and recordings above taken by Ray Smith.

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Photos by

Bill Utter

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Photos by

Mike Grayson

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Photos by

Sallie Ervin

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Photo courtesy Joe Rosenfield.


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