Studio 14  on 



Miami University (WMUB-TV) Broadcasting's
live, on-air variety show.

hosted by Rick Ludwin.



s14-00 October 6, 1969 5:53 Comedy skit about show's season opening with Barb Francis, Ray Smith.
(October 20th) A brief sampling of Newspoint, the evening news program with Al Mannes
s14-01 Jan. 28th, 1970  11:43 A comedy sketch showing how Old Tyme radio was done.
s14-04 April 8, 1970 11:34 Introduces announcer Mary Stearns, Producer Barb Francis. Cincinnati broadcaster Paul Dixon interviews Miss Miami, Donna Stevenson.   Also, Studio Cameras are trucked outside for student-on-the-street interviews, plus "Ralphies" a spoof of the Academy Awards. Starring: Kathy Jewel, Jack Cesa, John Getz, Jim Koch.
s14-05 June 3, 1970 15:24 Season finale.  Rick narrates a tribute to the students who wrote, starred in, and broadcast the show, including Bob Richley, David Beller, Ralph Digugleilmo, Janis Golon, Ted Patterson.  Also, samples of past years shows, and a spoof of gangster movies.


WMUB-TV / Studio 14 Reunion       July 6, 2007
Broadcasting alumni tell what they are doing now, and tell a story or two from their days as students.



wmub01.mpg 13:11 Brief black and white clips circa 1969, showing Newspoint anchor Albert Mannes, George Kuntz, Kathy Willaman.  Sallie Ervin
wmub02.mpg 12:44 Mike Grayson, Rick Sellers, Roger Hamlyn, Prof. Bill Utter, Gary Stark, Chris Collins
wmub03.mpg 14:09 Mike Emrick, Mary Muzina (a.k.a. Bunny Buta), David Beller, Joe Rosenfield, Susan Mitchell-Veitch
Wmub04.mpg 12:57 Judy Pilasi, Mary Seager Pigozzi, Ray Smith, Tom Collins, and conclusion with Rick Ludwin




  In October of 2013, Tonight Show and Saturday Night Live producer Rick Ludwin revisited his alma mater to attend a ceremony at the King Library honoring Bill Utter.

     While there, he donated all of the two-inch videotapes from the final season of Studio 14 to the Walter Havighurst Special Collection.    He'd kept them in his personal storage for 43 years.

     The collection includes many other items of note.  You can see them listed on a .pdf file which can be viewed or downloaded by clicking HERE.

      You can view Rick's address, plus a showing of  Studio 14 clips by clicking HERE.


     Photo by Tom Collins



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