Rick Ludwin

Writer, Producer, and star of Studio 14.

Producer of all of NBC's late night shows.


     Rick Ludwin recently left NBC after a stellar career of 31 years.  He was in charge of the late-night shows for most of that time,  He came to Oxford from Cleveland, and was the prime mover behind WMUB's variety show, Studio 14.  His favorite office decoration was a page taken from TV guide, listing his first appearance on that show. He earned his Master's at Northwestern, but seems to call Miami his scholastic home.  Every July 4th, he would return to Mac & Joe's for a hoagie (they're called "a Miami Tradition now) and a dinner with Bill and Dixie Utter.


     He has been substantially generous, awarding four broadcasting scholarships annually.  He helps to finance the Bill Utter scholarship as well. He has delivered lectures for the benefit of broadcasting classes and to campus generally.  His show business connections helped bring Jay Leno and Bob Hope to campus for Parents' Weekend concerts.  Most of the memorabilia you see on this web site came from his carefully-preserved collection.  He's donated his video and audio tapes to the Miami Library.



Here is a brief rendition of his accomplishments:


1966 - 1981

Associate Producer, the Mike Douglas Show.
Staff producer for local TV station WLS in Chicago and WXYZ in Detroit.

1977 - 1979 Associate Producer, America Alive!
1980 Joined NBC as Director, variety programs.
Producer, The Steve Allen Comedy Hour,
Associate Producer of "Olympathon '79" for NBC Sports.
Wrote comedy material for the syndicated satire program, "America2Night."

Director, specials and variety series.


Vice President for specials and variety programs.

1989 Senior Vice President for specials, variety programs and late-night, NBC Entertainment


     In addition, Rick oversaw two Jack Parr specials and the last twelve years of Johnny Carson.  Rick is proud of the risk he took in Seinfeld.  He commissioned the pilot for the show, apportioned money to keep the show alive, and oversaw the show from its beginning to end. 


     Ludwin has overseen or managed the production of other NBC offerings: "Real People," "Unsolved Mysteries," "Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever," "Later with Bob Costas," "Saturday Night Live" and "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."  Also these specials:


2001 - 2002 50 Years of NBC Late Night
2004 - 2005 The Seinfeld Story
2004 - 2005 Live from New York: The First 5 Years of Saturday Night Live


     If you want to see what Rick has been up to lately, you can surf to his Twitter FeedThere, he sums up his career:


     I've loved TV since I was a kid. I'm an NBC exec who said yes to SEINFELD, worked in late night with Johnny Carson, Saturday Night Live, Letterman, Conan, Fallon, Carson Daly, and Seth Meyers. Lucky!



Rick has too many credits in his portfolio for it all to be luck--unless you mean Knute Rockne's definition: 

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.




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