Faces, 1969


Left to right:  Ira Ruben, Sallie Ervin, Wayne Van Houten, Barb Francis, Richard Hackney,
Elaine Petkovsek, Sandee Decker, Jerry Burkhart, Ralph Diguglielmo, Greg Thurston.




To see taped excerpts from the show,  CLICK HERE.  



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Lee Shubert, standing before a SOITA (Southwestern Ohio Instructional Television Association) map. Above: Jim Patterson, Janis Golon, Tom Collins, Lee and Pam Shubert Taken from stairs, facing main entrance from parking lot.
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Tom Collins, 67
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Richard Otto Hackney
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Janis R. Golon



Studio 14  Screenshots

courtesy Rick Ludwin



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   WMUB Audio Tracks 

courtesy Rick Ludwin

Richie's Brain

Radio Drama,
details unknown

Jazz in the Air


Super Oldies Weekend


Commander Zippo 
Mosaic Radio Promos The Making of Studio 14

A documentary about the show.

Bill Utter 
says Goodnight
Lee Shubert
 Signs off


To Educate 
and Have Fun


Class Project,
Sallie Ervin




Library Gets Tapes

Davenport, Iowa

     "Jim Grover, right, representing Miami University Radio, presents Robert Kellenberger, chairman of the Davenport Public Library Board of Trustees, original tapes of 15 half-hour radio shows, including interviews with many musical greats who knew and admired Bix Beiderbecke.

     Grover says the programs will soon be aired on national radio networks."

CLICK HERE to see Jim Grover's thesis web site.


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